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Rhode Island attorney Steven Hirsch has been serving clients throughout Rhode Island since 1978. As a lawyer, mediator, educator and author, he has been engaged in the community for his entire career. He has been a mediator since 1995 — longer than most mediators in Rhode Island. He is an approved mediator in the Rhode Island Family Court system.  If mediation does not work for you, Steve has decades of litigation experience taking testimony from clients, witnesses and experts (doctors, vocational experts and real estate brokers).

Steve's devotion to helping clients resolve legal issues efficiently and productively has garnered high praise for our services from former and existing clients, members of the judiciary, other lawyers, counselors and other members of the legal community.

For more information about Steve's background, education, speaking engagements and published works, please follow the link below.

"Each client deserves sound legal advice given in a timely manner at a reasonable cost; we strive to meet your needs every day. We understand that you are viewing this website because you may have, or will soon have, a loss. A loss of a job, an injury, a loss of a relationship, or a loss of time with your children, custodial rights, visitation rights or child support. We are here to guide you safely through this tough time."- Attorney Hirsch

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We return phone calls and emails promptly and respect your time. Contact attorney Steven Hirsch by email or by phone at 401-287-2079 to schedule a consultation.