Solving Elder Law Issues Collaboratively

When siblings disagree about whether or not a loved one is in need of nursing home care, assisted living care, or in-home care arrangements, the conflict can quickly turn into a bitter dispute that can cause irreparable damage.  On the other hand, hearing everyone's perspective often clears the air and allows families to reach an agreement on the best road to take moving forward.  Long drawn out battles often involve personalities instead of focusing on the best interest of the parent; we work to change the environment from battles between families to the search for the best result for Mom or Dad.

Do you think Mom or Dad would want the family to fall apart because of their ill-health?  I doubt that, so I work to find a dignified and respectful resolution that all parties can approve.

Utilizing his extensive experience as an attorney and mediator, Warwick elder law mediator Steven Hirsch helps the parties to elder law disputes come together in making such decisions.

When Estate Planning Is Not Enough…

There are countless estate planning tools geared toward planning for how health care and financial matters should be handled when a loved one cannot make such decisions, and toward how assets and liabilities should be managed after a loved one has passed on. Unfortunately, a parent's Last Will and Testament does not guide children who are trying to make the best possible decision in the interest of a parent who is still alive.

  • Is nursing home care necessary?
  • Are alternative care options available or appropriate?
  • Should full-time, in-home nursing or home health services be utilized?
  • Is such care financially feasible?
  • Are there financial options that make the necessary care feasible?
  • Is it necessary to sell the family home or can it be maintained?
  • Is it necessary to appoint a guardian?
  • Are there other elder needs that should be taken into consideration?

Elder care and other elder law disputes often become so contentious simply because everyone involved is engrossed physically and emotionally; and cares very much about the family member of interest, but do not necessarily agree in the course moving forward.

"I admire family harmony and work with clients to maintain it whenever possible. Decisions regarding an elderly loved one's health care, safety, and well-being are difficult decisions to make, especially if the individual's own preferences were not communicated when he or she was of sound mind to do so. These delicate matters can tear families apart, if not handled appropriately." - Attorney Hirsch

How the Elder Law Mediation Process Can Help

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, we believe in old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity, dignity, and honor. Steve applies more than 30 years of legal experience and mediation experience gained since 1995 to resolve elder law disputes in a manner that upholds these principles. Whether assisting siblings tangled in a dispute about the immediate best interests of a parent or guiding families through elder planning decisions that are necessary as a loved one advances in the stages of Alzheimer's or dementia, Steve works closely to help clients resolve elder law issues with as minimal emotional strain as possible; protecting siblings from severed relationships, and preventing elderly parents from feeling they are burdens as a result of such turmoil. In this mediation process, Steve's role is as a neutral party - a mediator. He does not represent either side, but rather serves as a neutral party to facilitate resolution of elder law disputes.

Contact Warwick elder law mediation attorney Steven Hirsch to discuss your situation and to learn more about our Rhode Island mediation services: 401-287-2079.