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Estate Planning FAQ

Will Questionnaire

No matter the size of your assets, detailed estate planning will ensure that your loved ones are looked after according to your desires. Having an established plan, whether it includes a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will, and/or a  Revocable Trust, will allow your family to properly mourn without the added stress of property division. Careful planning, using a revocable trust or an irrevocable trust can minimize or eliminate costly probate and reduce hefty estate taxes.

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The Planning Process

Estate planning is not necessarily complicated. You'll choose an executor to administer you estate. We discuss, in detail, your thoughts and concerns about leaving your estate to your heirs and others.

At our initial meeting, you will be asked to describe and document your current assets and debts. We will talk about your wishes regarding your financial and material possessions should you meet an untimely death.  We have provided a Will Questionnaire which appears on the right side of our webpage so that you can print it out, fill it in and bring it with you when you see us.

After our attorney has worked with you to establish a plan, we complete the necessary paperwork to put "your plan" into place.

"I know that for many people, it is not easy to talk about their final years and eventual death. Yet, I believe that we must create a your plan with dignity and specific desires, instead of leaving problems for the next generation. I believe that we can create that plan, including determining your health care desires so that your family knows your wishes. Don't surprise your family with an incomplete or improper estate plan." - Attorney Hirsch

Establishing Wills and Trusts

In a small-sized estate you may not have a significant amount of financial assets to disburse upon death. In writing a Last Will, you may be more focused on distributing material goods and determining who will bring up your children if you are not alive. As the parent of minor children, you can designate the right person - a Guardian -  to protect your loved ones while teaching them the morals and ethics you believe in.

For larger estates, the focus may be ensuring your financial assets are passed on to whom you want at proper times. By developing trusts, you are able to determine the amounts disbursed as well as establish frequency.

Powers of Attorney

Last Wills and Trusts aid you in planning for your latter years and death. Establishing a durable power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney allows you to plan for a time when you may be unable to make decisions for yourself. By designating a trusted person to make important choices for your business and medical matters, you ensure you wishes are followed.

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