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Attorney Steven Hirsch is an approved mediator in the Rhode Island Family Court system. He has been a mediator ever since the approval process began in 1995 and served on the Family Court Chief Judge's original Mediation Committee when it began in the latter 1990s. There is no process for mediation certification in the state, so be wary of people advertising as "certified mediator" or "certified divorce mediator."

Steve has been providing mediation services since 1995 to all couples, including same-sex couples seeking separation, divorce or issues in their relationship that they want to resolve.  Unlike court based mediators who have limited time to work with you and you may face four to six week delays in scheduling, we schedule your appointments within days and are available to spend the time it takes with you to resolve all of the issues you present.

We also mediate post divorce issues such as Relocation Cases, Modifications of Support and Changes in Parenting Plans.

Our office provides a protected and confidential environment to resolve issues.  I have seen the magic of mediation when each party expresses his or her thoughts, ideas and fears about the changes they are going through as they change their lives.  Often, parties never get the chance to be honest and discuss these items when they are litigating.

"Believing that a contested divorce battle is not a necessity in most break-ups, I was at the forefront of the divorce mediation process in Rhode Island since the mid-1990's. The longer litigation proceeds, the more stress is built up by each person and the children suffer from that increased stress. I knew there had to be a better way for clients than spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and hours in the courthouse. I mediate with couples to help them resolve their issues, give them the tools to resolve future issues and save them money in the long run." - Attorney Hirsch

Couples learn to maintain better communication and improve their relationship, which is an important goal for good co-parenting. Studies have shown that parties adhere to the terms of agreements they enter into voluntarily to a greater degree than to terms forced upon them.

Mediation encourages honesty along with a new and different level of communication. It limits emotional damage and provides a common ground for parties to express themselves freely.

Couples, including same-sex married couples, should not avoid difficult conversation. Having these discussions in the presence of a mediator can help to resolve conflicts in a healthy way and even head off a divorce. We call it "Preventive Mediation," helping you develop options for conflict resolution in the future. This is separate from marriage counseling and is another tool to get a relationship back on track.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., we strive to set you up for stability, security and opportunity. We lay out a path for making decisions when you are ready emotionally.

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Rhode Island Couple's Mediator

In divorce cases, couples are able to work out agreements on all or nearly all issues without the assistance or interference of the courts. Mediation is often quicker, less expensive and more practical.

Other conflicts that mediation can resolve include:

  • Post-final judgment disputes about children and relocation
  • Financial disputes
  • Annoying behaviors
  • Raising children
  • Whether to have one or more children and when
  • Moving to a new location
  • Household chores if both work
  • Children's educational needs and choices
  • Each party's night out with others
  • Blended family conflicts
  • Elder care issues

It takes a special type of person with extensive experience to be a successful mediator. Steve is flexible as a mediator and a litigator. We honor the decisions of our clients. We help them create solutions to solve private family matters or enforceable solutions in divorce. Mediation can resolve all divorce issues (except domestic violence), including custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division and post-divorce modifications.

Same-Sex Couples' Mediation

Today, same-sex couples in Rhode Island may join in civil unions and same-sex marriage. However, we know that no matter how joyous the union, separation among couples in the U.S. is still over 50 percent.

If you and your partner believe you are having difficulties or facing irreconcilable differences, we can help you through mediation to resolve your differences and save your relationship or to sculpt a fair and equitable separation agreement. Mediation simplifies the negotiation process and speeds the path to agreement, and Steve can assist you in the role of mediator or lawyer.

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