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In Rhode Island, the courts determined that both parents should continue sharing the financial obligations of their children despite their divorce. Calculated child support guidelines are generally accepted unless one party successfully argues that an exception to the guidelines applies. Rhode Island uses a shared income model that bases the child support upon the income of both parties. Yet, having been involved in a multitude of cases, I know that sometimes variations from the guidelines are appropriate and fair.  These issues are often resolved in mediation or through a more rigorous legal fight.

Steve was on the Family Court Child Support Task Force that made recommendations to the Chief Judge who issued revised guidelines effective in June 2012.

The court process can be difficult and time consuming . However, if the parties agree to full disclosure of all income (pay stubsm tax returns and W-2's) and providing relevant information, we can assist parties to an agreement on child support through mediation. The expense and time to solidify a plan can be reduced.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., we guide people through the mediation process and resolve issues between spouses in a cooperative and efficient manner. Attorney Steven Hirsch has been a mediator ever since the Rhode Island Family Court approval process began in 1995.

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"A child should not be a loser because of divorce. Child support covers more than the child's food and clothing. There are many costs to raising a child. I work with parties to find a child support amount that allows the child to enjoy the reasonable items that he or she should have without impoverishing the other party."- Attorney Hirsch

Rhode Island Child Support Mediator

Many disputes in divorce proceedings are about money though we have the experience to recognize the underlying emotional factors parties bring to the table when talking about money. Divorce is expensive, especially when children are involved. We highly encourage the process of mediation to resolve child support disputes.

Litigation is hard on relationships between spouses and even harder on children. In most cases, even after your divorce is finalized, you will still need to have some sort of amicable relationship and respectful communication with your spouse for the sake of your children.

Child support is generally determined by the monthly gross income of you and your spouse, health insurance costs, special needs, parenting time and child care expenses, but additional factors might create exceptions to the child support guidelines. Exceptions to the guidelines are often best resolved through mediation, where you still have control over the result. Factors that create exceptions may include:

  • Business owner's income
  • Irregular monthly income
  • Substantial assets of parent or child
  • Standard of living and expenses that far exceed reported gross income
  • Extraordinary necessary expenses and needs for the child

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