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In most cases, you will have a relationship with your ex-spouse following divorce, especially if there are children involved. Making this relationship amicable and working toward a cooperative decision-making process is often in your family's best interests.

We recognize that most children need both parents. They feel uncomfortable with parents who fight in front of them or continually speak badly of the other parent. We work with parties to understand that their level of intimacy has changed and thus their type of communication must change for the benefit of their children.

Working with an experienced mediator to resolve divorce or post-divorce issues that arise lessens the impact on your children and minimizes costs.

Your lives will change after divorce, and court-ordered agreements might need modification. Parties change jobs, create blended families or relocate. Children grow older, developing different needs and interests. Rather than working through the courts in a time-consuming and costly process, post-divorce mediation can help you maintain control over your children's lives and come to agreements quicker, either avoiding modification or finding common ground more constructively.

Studies have shown that parties adhere to the terms of agreements they enter into voluntarily to a greater degree than to terms forced upon them.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., we use "Preventive Mediation" techniques to handle differences between parties. Honest mediations calm conflicts, establish credibility and clearly define modification plans when necessary.

Contact us today at 401-287-2079 to schedule a consultation with Warwick post-divorce mediation attorney Steven Hirsch. He has been an approved mediator in the Rhode Island Family Court system since 1994.

Mediation And Modifications

Changes in circumstances may require post-divorce changes, known as modifications. It is a fairly standard practice, but if court involvement can be limited, your costs will be reduced and you will find agreements quicker usually.

Any actions to modify support, custody, visitation or alimony must eventually go through the court because these constitute modifications to court orders. If the court does not officially modify the orders, the party taking it upon him or herself to modify them may be held in contempt of court for violating prior existing court orders.

The terms may only be modified based upon the agreement of both parties or by a judge's decision after costly litigation, which is why mediation can be helpful to the process. Material changes of circumstance might include:

  • Job loss or gain
  • Income change
  • New marriage
  • New child
  • Child wishes to move from one parent's home to the other's home
  • Out of state move or relocation
  • Change of child's schooling or other schedule change

If your ex-spouse violates the terms of your divorce decree, or if you believe you need to modify an agreement, we can assist you. Steve can help you enforce your decree or coordinate mediation to resolve the situation cooperatively.

"Life is ever evolving. We go through changes. When children are involved, people need to revisit or revise some of the terms that were included in their divorce. We enjoy working with couples to review changes in their lives and search for new answers because we help them avoid the drama of the orignal divorce and its costs." - Attorney Hirsch

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