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The divorce process is rarely simple, that is why we will work with, and explain the process, to ease you through the emotional and financial strain of divorce to the greatest extent possible. The decisions you make affect your entire family. As an experienced mediator, we work with both parties to build a plan for the future that is fair, enforceable and in the best interests of you and your children.  We pledge that we will not add fuel to the fire just so be able to bill for more time.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., we help you cross the bridge to a new path in life with confidence. Choosing mediator that is best for you and your family can be a difficult decision. Founding attorney Steven Hirsch, a divorce lawyer and mediator in Rhode Island works hard to be responsive and attentive to your concerns throughout the process. We understand your concerns, and we make sure to address them completely.

Contact us today at 401-287-2079 to schedule a consultation or mediation with Steve. He has more than 40 years of experience representing clients in family legal matters and has been an active family law mediator.  He has worked with couples who are not married but share children in crafting a parenting plan that works for the parents and the children.

Affordable Mediation | Personal Guidance

Our Warwick firm is supportive. We empower people to take advantage of the tools we provide to help them move on with their lives.  We now provide WI-FI so our clients can access important financial information on their laptops and iPads while they are in our office.

We connect with your goals to preserve assets, protect your children and your parenting time, and build your hopes for a brighter future.  We help ease you to the next portion of your life.

Steve will guide you through challenges and help you:

Divorce settlements are achieved through a certain amount of cooperation in most cases. The amount varies from case to case because each divorcing couple's circumstances are unique. We recognize that creative planning is necessary in both contested and uncontested divorce cases. Cookie-cutter approaches do not work, but we can still minimize your expenses while providing you with the personalized protections you need.

Most people who deal with the Family Court understand that it is far from perfect and does not encourage quick resolutions.  That is why your choice of lawyer is important. We focus onthe important issues and do not spend our time, and your money, on posturing or just trying to punish your spouse.

Family/Couple's Mediation Services

The right decisions for the future are the best apologies for the wrongs of the past. Mediation allows your problem-solving skills to thrive.  You have a greater opportunity to express to your spouse your concerns and the reasons behind your goals.  We praise those who come and make good faith efforts to be creative in their resolution of their differences.  Some divorce settlements are discussed by clients and lawyers as if they were car accident cases... each side comes up with a number and there is an attempt to negotiate that number.  Mediation training and experience gained over 30 years of litigating and mediating divorces has proved to me that divorce settlements are driven by emotions that remain bottled up and hidden during negotiations.  Unresolved emotions and unspoken accusations or admissions of failure need to be unleashed to allow negotiations for a fair settlement.  Mr. Hirsch encourages all of his clients to express those emotional concerns so that they can be considered in creating a fair settlement.

Steve is a mediator approved by the Rhode Island Family Court, and he has mediated conflicts since 1995. These conflicts include post divorce issues such as changes in parenting plans and modifications of child support.  If he serves as your mediator, he cannot serve as your lawyer as well, so it is important to have a full understanding of your options at the beginning of a divorce proceeding.

It takes a special type of person to be a successful mediator. Steve is flexible, encourages empowerment of each party and honors the decisions of our clients. Mediation can help us solve all divorce issues, including custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division and post-divorce modifications.

"I believe that honor, dignity and respect are important in all human interaction. I pledge to treat you with honor, dignity and respect whether I represent you or am mediating with you and a partner. I also encourage those I work with to find a way to treat the other party with those same core beliefs. Problems are resolved when people focus on essential goals instead of concentrating on personality issues". - Attorney Hirsch

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