Handling Child Support Modification Matters

Financial issues are never static. When the circumstances used to determine the initial child support obligation have substantially changed requiring an increase or decrease in child support, it is important to consult an experienced child support modification attorney located in Warwick, Rhode Island to ensure you understand your rights and obligations under Rhode Island child support laws.  If necessary, we subpoena income records to help determine a fair support order.

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Rhode Island Child Support; When Is a Change Necessary?

Whether you pay or receive periodic child support, even small changes can make a difference. If you have lost your job, if your hours have been cut, or have increased financial obligations for other children, if you or your former spouse has an increase in income, a child support obligation can become overly burdensome or inequitable. Conversely, if day care expenses have increased, health care expenses have skyrocketed, or other financial needs of your child have increased, an augmented child support arrangement may be necessary.

When a parent can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances, such as an income increase or decrease, or a significant change in percentage of visitation/parenting time, the court may approve a child support modification. However, a parent must first request that the court modify the order.

"I know that living arrangements change, incomes increase or decrease and new family members occur after a divorce. When these situations change, people wonder how it effects their parenting plan and support. I believe that changes must be made to maintain the best interests of the child and the ability to support the child. We look to find a way to accomplish this without fanfare and huge expenses." - Attorney Hirsch

Child Support Orders Are Effective Until Modified by the Court

Many people incorrectly believe that child support obligations are periodically reviewed by the court and are adjusted as necessary. However, if you believe a change is warranted, you must take action in order for the court to conduct a review. Further, if you have agreed to modified terms of increased or decreased child support, it is critical to have the child support modification agreement entered into a court order. Otherwise, months or even years down the road, the other party can request that the court enforce the current order on record.

Even if you have agreed to modified terms outside of court, the court is obligated to enforce the child support order on record. This could result in the court requiring that the noncustodial parent pay accrued back child support (if decreased child support had been agreed upon) or can result in the court requiring the custodial parent to reimburse the noncustodial parent for overpaid support (if increased child support had been agreed upon). In order to protect your interests and the interests of your children, it is vital to stay alert to when a change in support may be necessary.

Rhode Island Family Law Representation

Attorney Steven Hirsch helps clients ensure child support orders truly reflect their situation. We work closely with clients to negotiate or mediate family law issues, such as child support modification and ensure the agreement is entered into a modified court order. When matters cannot be resolved amicably, we represent clients in child support modification cases in court.  Yet, we never lose track of the fact that we treat our clients with respect, dignity and honor.

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