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The real estate market was in a steady decline for years, leaving many individuals and couples struggling financially. Some couples refinanced numerous times to support a lifestyle that no longer can be supported.

Lately, there have been improvements in the market and a lowering of mortgage rates.  Some couples are finding themselves wanting to get divorced but believing that they cannot due to the fact that they cannot sell their home or their home is "underwater" on a mortgage. There is hope, as there may be options for dealing with your divorce and real estate situation.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., we understand the questions and concerns that people have when dealing with a divorce and complicating real estate issues. Our attorney, Steven Hirsch, has over three decades of experience handling a range of family law, division of assets and marital property issues. He can use his knowledge to help you work through your issues so you can move on with your life.

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"There is always some way out of misery. Some remedies are easier than others. I cannot make your real estate more valuable than it is, but we can strategize to find answer so that you can move forward."- Attorney Hirsch

We work with clients to help them understand the various ways we can work with your real estate situation while moving forward with the divorce. Some ways can include:

  • Refinancing with or without a subordination agreement
  • Delayed pay out of an equitable distribution
  • Family borrowing to reduce a mortgage balance to allow for a refinance
  • Overloading of retirement or other benefits to one person while the other retains home equity
  • Filing for bankruptcy to deal with the family home debt
  • Continued joint ownership for a period of time with agreements regarding future shared expenses for the structure of major systems of the home

Remaining Together May Not Be Best

Many experts have stated that a couple who decides to remain together when they would rather be divorced may not understand the full impact that this may have on their children. Children model themselves from watching their parents — and watching parents who have difficulties communicating, or do not communicate, do not eat together or overall do not lead happy married lives can give children a dysfunctional impression of marriage. If you are staying together simply for convenience or other reasons, such as you cannot sell your home, we can help you explore your options for dealing with the issues and dissolving the marriage in order to provide the best interests of the children.

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