Fathers' and Parents' Rights

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, we provide legal advice to our clients who are parents who desire a continued strong relationship with their children. Courts are less likely today to follow older prejudices in favor of a woman. We work with fathers and mothers who wish to remain as an important and close parent to their children and who want more than one dinner a week plus alternate weekends.

We work with fathers who have remained at home bringing up their child or who have spouses who work second or third shift. When the facts demonstrate that the father should have primary custody, we advocate for that situation.

We realize that more and more today, both parents work outside of the home and both contribute to the household chores and bringing up the children.  A divorce should not interfere with a parent's ability to be involved in all aspects of a child's life, including helping with homework, getting a child ready for school and tucking a child into bed.  Of course, all plans must be in the best interest of the child (and I often ask a client if he/she thinks that he/she should have weekday overnights if the drive in the morning to school is more than 20 - 30 minutes or the time it would take on an average school bus).

"I believe that each parent, unless otherwise inappropriate, is entitled to substantial input into the upbringing of his or her child and significant time with the children. I deeply believe in Father's Rights and in Mother's Rights. I do not believe that old concepts from 20 - 30 years ago about the mother's having "more rights" for children at any age holds water any longer. I believe that children are entitled to have quality relationships and significant time with both parents." - Attorney Hirsch

When we mediate with a couple, we invite our clients to consider many points including but not limited to past schedules and activities that each parent had with each child and the need for children to have a healthy relationship with each parent. We work with clients to find the parenting plan that works best for the child and hope to avoid the hidden and false belief that the parent with 51% or more of the children's time is the better parent.

The Court will look at a number of factors for each parent. These factors include each parent's involvement in the child's education including attending teacher meetings, attending activities and sports with the child, taking the child for medical or dental exams, helping a child with homework, bathing, dressing and caring for a younger child, reading to a child and helping with homework. A parent's work schedule that interferes with participation in these activities may be considered.

Judge's are not fooled when a parent's participation in a child's life begins only several weeks or months prior to seeking father's or mother's custodial rights. In appropriate cases, supervised visits through the Family Court may be utilized. Call us at 401-287-2079 or email us if you are separating and want to maintain a close relationship with your child.