What is Full Custody (Legal Custody)?

There are times when shared or joint custody does not work, even though many people and professionals believe that a shared parenting arrangement is ideal. Obviously if a restraining order is in effect, it is almost impossible to confer and make joint decisions.  Sometimes, a child's best interest may be served when one parent makes all of the decisions. When parents can never agree and must argue over every major and minor detail on every issue, full custody just does not work.

When to Seek Sole Child Custody

Many reasons exist that suggest a sole custody arrangement. Reasons include:

  • When the two parents cannot communicate without starting arguments;
  • When the other parent is actively using drugs or abusing alcohol;
  • When the other parent has mental illness that affect the ability to communicate and decisions that are good and promote a good and healthful child;
  • When the other parent has neglected or abused the child

When these reasons exist, you need to take the actions that are necessary for the best interest of the child. If essential, yoy may also seek to get an ex-parte / emergency order of custody.

At appropriate times, supervised visits at the court or with a trusted family member may be appropriate to allow the child to be with the parent and avoid inappropriate behavior.

"Kids are our greatest assets. I believe that children should be able to grow up free from having to worry about passing messages between Mom and Dad or believing that she is stuck between his parents. He or she should grow up without hearing one parent complain or denigrate the other parent.

I believe we should work to provide children the best opportunity to grow physically and emotionally. Usually, both parents can work together to reach an agreement on the important issues such as education, health and religious upbringing. Yet sometimes, the friction is so ingrained between the parents that they are blocked from working together. Working out a good parenting plan brings me great joy, whether it be sole or joint custody." - Attorney Hirsch

Custody disputesmay require work with outside experts, such as psychiatrists, social workers and often, a Guardian Ad Litem.  We will explain to you when the need may arise and inform you of the various costs involved of working with these experts. Email us to schedule a consultation or call our office at 401-287-2079.