Guiding You Through The Property Division Process

Divorce creates financial strain. Two individual households are often more expensive to maintain, and there is usually no clear winner in the division of assets and debt.

At the Law Office of Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., in Warwick, we work hard on behalf of our clients to preserve their assets. Generally, you must abide by the principle of fair and equitable division of property, but there is no specific formula or guideline for the division of marital property in Rhode Island.  As a lawyer representing a client, we employ tools such as discovery and subpoena's to gather financial information concerning both parties.  We work with real estate or business appraisers when necessary.

To maintain control of your property settlement agreement, it is best to resolve all issues and create a plan through mediation or another out-of-court method. Of course, Steve also represents parties throughout Rhode Island as an accomplished lawyer with more than 30 years of experience.

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"I want a client to be able to support himself or herself after the divorce and have a fair amount of assets as they move on to their new life. When I start to work with clients about finances, some say that they just cannot "wrap their head around" the financial picture. Often, divorce is the first time a person has to prepare a budget and a list of assets and debts. I think it is a wonderful tool to bring clarity to each person's financial future. I know from more than 30 years of experience that I can bring understanding so that the focus on the financial picture becomes something a client recognizes."- Attorney Hirsch

Business Asset Division Attorney

Steve has been a mediator in Rhode Island since 1994. With his guidance, agreeable fair and equitable division of property is within reach.

Our law firm helps couples of all ages and income levels resolve their differences and come to settlements that the court will approve. We account for all assets and debt, including:

  • Pension plans
  • Retirement plans such as 403(b) and 401(k) plans
  • Trusts
  • Securities and stock options
  • Real estate
  • Business assets
  • Gains on the value of assets
  • Debts and other liabilities
  • Income
  • Other jointly held assets
  • Deferred compensation

Factors Of Property Settlement Agreements

We will discuss and account for several factors such as the length of the marriage, economic circumstances of each party, previous marriages, future opportunity for income and employability, contributions to the marriage, exempt property and others.

Our approach is holistic, and we will employ a range of strategies to reach agreement on settlement. We work with your plans for your future and seek settlements to meet your future needs. If you and your spouse cannot reach agreement, the court will divide your property for you. Our guidance and counsel can help you keep control.

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