Suitable Alternative Employment

When a Rhode Island employee, suffering from the effects of a work related injury, is receiving benefits, the employer can offer the worker "Suitable Alternative Employment" or "SAE".

  • SAE is a position that is offered by the employer and that meets with the medical restrictions that are in place for the worker. The job may be different than the position originally held by the employee before the injury.
  • If the worker accepts the position, certain rights are established. Primary to the worker is that the weekly comp check will be decreased based upon a formula taking into account the amount of the wages earned each week. There cannot be any loss of seniority rights or other benefits. If the employer terminates the SAE due to reasons other than the employee's misconduct, the employee automatically receives his or her full weekly compensation benefits again.
  • If the employee leaves the SAE position voluntarily, he or she will not receive the full workers' compensation benefits but will only receive the amount that he or she would get as if they continued in the SAE.

Not every offer of light work is considered SAE and each RI worker receiving RI Workers' Compnsation benefits should speak with an experienced attorney to consider what action to take.

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