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New Year's Resolutions

The holidays are over, the wrapping paper thrown away, the credit cards have new balances and the gym is filled with those promising to exercise this year.  Many people feel trapped in an unhappy marriage and were waiting for the holidays to pass before moving forward.  The time has come to begin the separation and divorce process.  There are different paths to divorce.  Make the resolution to move forward using a process focused on benefitting the parties and their children.

Mediation is an option for almost every couple seeking divorce.  Using a trained and experienced mediator is usually less expensive than each party hiring a lawyer to begin the litigation process.  When you see a lawyer to begin a divorce, questions will be asked about the history of the marriage and the conduct of the other party leading to the divorce - ammunition to mount a divorce battle.  When you start with a mediator, the focus will be on the future and finding solutions that benefits both parties. 

With mediation at the office of Steven J. Hirsch, the process allows both parties to state their interests and what they need in order to move forward.  The process allows the parties to explain their view of the future, including issues regarding the children, the real estate and other assets and debts.  The parties, with the guidance of the mediator and the full disclosure of all assets and debts, negotiate the agreement that works for them and meets each party's needs.  Mediation takes into account the emotions that are present in each case; although mediation is not therapy, the process allows each party to say what he or she must say and get off their chest in order to move forward.

People who create the terms of their own agreement in mediation are more likely to follow their agreement, avoiding return trips to Family Court in the future.

We believe that right decisions for the future are best for the parties and their children.  Children are affected when the parents are stuck in contentious litigation.  Let mediation be the process to allow you to move forward to the next portion of your life. 

And yes, mediation is not for everybody.  If a person's goal is revenge and increasing the other party's legal costs, mediation will not be satisfying.  But if you understand that a loving relationship is over and it is time to move forward as co-parents, make a resolution to start the year in a positive manner with mediation.  Visit our website at or call us at 401-352-1000 today to get started.



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