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April 2012 Archives

Mediation is an option for enforcing child support

Parents in Rhode Island seeking to establish or modify child support can learn from a recent settlement between a popular U.S. Congressman and his ex-wife. The Congressman and his wife had been married for 15 years when she filed for divorce in 2002. In 2004 the ex-wife made a claim that her ex-husband owed her $117,000 in back child support from years of paying nothing.

Mediation in Low Trust or No Trust Situations

Continued mediation training is important for any mediator. I attended the recent 2-day American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution conference in Washington DC. The breakout sessions about the psychology of conflicting parties reinforced the benefits of mediation and sharpened the skills of the attendees.

These days, more children have unmarried parents

Rhode Island residents are aware that nontraditional family structures are very common these days. With varying family configurations, child custody or visitation issues are more and more relevant. Did you know that an increasing number of firstborns in the country have unmarried parents? These numbers have changed significantly in recent years.

8 Tactics to a Good Divorce

Seeking revenge in divorce proceedings rarely brings satisfaction. Separating and ending a marriage generates emotions for every participant. A "Good Divorce" is one that can be amicable based upon mutual cooperation and fairness,completed without the chance decisions of a Judge. Bad ones become adversarial, toxic and long-lasting, resulting in costly battles leaving emotional and financial scars. Some hints are:

A prenuptial agreement can save your assets in a divorce

When couples get married, of course, they never hope to divorce. Nevertheless, as many Rhode Island residents know, divorce happens. When it does, it is important that you protect your rights. One way to do this is through a prenuptial agreement.

Dennis Rodman is deficient in child and spousal support payments

Many Rhode Island NBA fans would probably regard Dennis Rodman as one of the greatest rebounding and defensive basketball players of all time. In recent news, the former NBA star could face 20 days in jail for unpaid spousal and child support. According to sources, the athlete may be held in contempt of court unless he gives $860,376 to his ex-wife by the end of May.

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