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August 2012 Archives

Heading Off the Expense of a Break-Up / Divorce

Rescuing a relationship from the brink and avoiding a Rhode Island divorce steers you away from the huge financial expense and the colossal emotional cost. Couples, if they know what to look for, can see the clues that a loving relationship is beginning to fall apart.

Gemma discloses assets over $3 million and plans to divorce

As Rhode Island readers know, in many divorce cases, one of the issues that must be resolved is asset distribution. In matters of family law, particularly divorce and legal separation cases, property division must usually be decided before a court can issue a final order. In cases where couples have amassed substantial wealth, it can be difficult to reach an agreement as to how those assets will ultimately be distributed.

Child Custody or Visitation after Rape

Rape, "legitimate" or not, is the topic in the news as the 2012 Republican Convention is about to begin. However, another aspect that Rhode Islanders should understand and consider is that the rapist is entitled to make a claim child custody or the joint custody of the child or for visitation rights with the child.

Randy Jackson seeking money to cover his huge child support debt

Rhode Island residents may have heard that the youngest of the Jackson brothers, Randy Jackson, has been at the forefront of a plan to overthrow the executor's of Michael Jackson's will and obtain his estate. What people may not know, however, is that a $500,000 debt due to unpaid child support may be his motivation behind seeking Michael's money.

Father seeking custody of 4-year-old admits to murder

Child custody exchanges occur each day among thousands of families, usually without any issues. Because of the highly emotional nature of these exchanges, however, conflicts can sometimes occur. Rhode Island parents engaged in a custody dispute can learn what not to do during these exchanges from a man in child dispute over his 4-year-old daughter.

Life Insurance Issues in Divorce

Life insurance plays an important role in divorce proceedings. It may be used to insure the payment of child support or alimony. A parent with one 10-year old child who is required to pay $150 per week in child support, will pay $7,800 per year and $62,400 over the eight years. The custodial spouse may wish to insure those payments with life insurance in case the non-custodial parent dies suddenly.

Some attorneys beginning to "specialize" in divorces for men

Male residents of Rhode Island will be interested to learn that there is a new crop of divorce attorneys emerging that are gearing their services to men. These "divorce lawyers for men" do all the same things as normal divorce lawyers. They help sort out issues such as property division, custody plans, alimony and child support. The difference is that they market to men who are afraid of getting a bad deal in their divorce.

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