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Heading Off the Expense of a Break-Up / Divorce

Rescuing a relationship from the brink and avoiding a Rhode Island divorce steers you away from the huge financial expense and the colossal emotional cost. Couples, if they know what to look for, can see the clues that a loving relationship is beginning to fall apart.

As long as no domestic abuse is present, couples may consider working on renewing their relationship instead of throwing their hands up and experiencing the costs and emotional trauma of a divorce. Although divorce mediation is less confrontational that a litigated divorce and is beneficial for children, parties still go through the emotional upheaval of realizing that they have failed at the relationship.

Clues of a relationship in trouble to watch for include:

· You and your partner are spending more and more time apart. Doing everything together 24/7 may not be healthy and separate interests are important. However, an unusual amount of time apart is not a healthy way to live. Constantly working late, or increased involvement in charitable work can often be an excuse just not to go home.

· Your beliefs become vastly different. Although people change as they age and constantly develop, they may not be deal breakers. Different interests may be fine, while completely different belief systems can change to a point that one's beliefs become unpardonable to the other.

· You and your partner have stopped talking except for mundane conversation. If you only talk about the weather and what is on television, you are not truly "communicating" with your partner. Conversation needs to be intimate some of the time - about feelings, needs, concerns and joys. If the conversation lacks that, you are facing a cliff.

· You feel more relaxed and happier by "yourself" than when you are not with your partner. Enough said.

· You rarely or never have sex anymore. Physical intimacy is just as important as emotional intimacy.  

· Discussions have become full-blown arguments. Discussions, where people exchange information and thoughts is healthy, yet it becomes toxic when people yell at each other and bring the confrontational level to new heights.

If you notice more than one or more of the above creep into your relationship, choices exist. You can recognize these issues and work on the relationship, often with a trained counselor, therapist of psychologist.

Another direction may be to accept the breakdown caused usually by both parties, accept the consequences to you, your partner and children and contact the Office of Steven Hirsch to proceed with either divorce mediation or divorce representation.

Reference: "7 signs You're Headed for a Breakup", by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Psychology Today

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