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November 2012 Archives

Rhode Island family law judges approves 19 adoptions in one day

Family Court judges in Rhode Island recently approved the adoption of nineteen children. 250 people filled the family law courtroom usually used for divorce hearings and custody battles to celebrate the adoption of six girls and thirteen boys. The children ranged in age from one to ten.

Financial issues for divorcing women include loss of insurance

Rhode Island women and men who are going through a divorce may have several concerns about finances, including interruption of their health care coverage. A recent university study reports that 115,000 women each year lose their health insurance coverage due to a divorce.

Rhode Island Relocation with a Child

The question of whether or not to allow a Rhode Island Relocation of a child to another state involves serious issues for the parties, lawyers and the Court. Each case is distinct, and may become expensive considering the potential need for a Guardian Ad Litem for the child, psychological evaluations and expert testimony.

Nation's parents owe $100 billion in child support

Rhode Island residents may know that the government has methods to enforce child support orders including garnishing paychecks, intercepting tax refunds or suspending driver's licenses. But according to the federal Office of Child Support enforcement, there is still over $100 billion owed in delinquent payments.

The Promise of Mediation

Mediation of a divorce or other dispute can achieve results that seemed impossible to the disputing parties. Great mediators, being impartial, bring open minds, experience and patience to the quarrels large and small. This story, taken from William Ury, an author of "Getting to Yes" wonderfully demonstrates the promise of mediation:

Child Custody Expert - Potential Bias Based on Facebook

In divorce conferences with clients, they bring in Facebook screenshots to show alleged indiscretions by their spouse. Facebook discussions with new friends or lovers, notes indicating binge drinking, late night partying, and photographs of spouses with new "friends" are brought in to show their spouse's bad behaviors. One client brought in Facebook photos of  his spouse indicating that the spouse bid thousands of dollars to dance with a New England Patriots star and singing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" to him. Yes, these screenshots may be used at a trial but more often lead to successful settlement negotiations or mediations.

Birth parents receiving more rights to children in foster care

Rhode Island residents who have experience dealing with the foster care system may want to follow what's going on in a number of other states that are revamping their own rules regarding foster care. In a marked change from the past, several states are now providing legal representation or mentorship for birth parents whose children are in foster care. Several states have developed programs in which the biological parents have contact with the foster parents so that they can communicate, talk to their children and honor the child rearing wishes of the parents. Birth parents are also given resources to help them navigate the family law system.

RI Divorce Attorney Gives 5 Rules About Testifying

As a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer, I realize that you may have questions about your first court appearance; even if it is not the first time on the witness stand in the life of a divorce case, you are not an experienced witness.

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