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Rhode Island Relocation with a Child

The question of whether or not to allow a Rhode Island Relocation of a child to another state involves serious issues for the parties, lawyers and the Court. Each case is distinct, and may become expensive considering the potential need for a Guardian Ad Litem for the child, psychological evaluations and expert testimony.

Mediating the issue allows both parties to voice their concerns, worries and desires. Before a Court makes a decision, parties may benefit from a collaboration to find a way to find the best interest of the child and to adapt to the needs of both parents and the child.

Issues to consider in relocation cases in Rhode Island include:

· A review of the existing custody and parenting plan.

· What is each person's relationship with the child and involvement in all facets of the child's life on a regular basis.

· Does the relocating parent have a well thought out plan for the move? Is it necessary for a new job, a better support network or just a fancy flight from Rhode Island?

· Will the relocation enhance the general quality of life for both the child and the relocating parent, including, but not limited to, economic and emotional benefits and educational opportunities.

· What family support system would the child be moving away from?

· Does the plan for move out of Rhode Island address finances, lifestyle and family support systems?

· How familiar is the relocating parent with the new location? Does he/she have ties to that community?

· Is there a feasible plan to maintain the parent-child relationship between the non-relocating parent and the child? Are the parties able to afford required travel expenses and who should be responsible for them?

· What is the reason or motivation for the move? What is the reason or motivation for opposing the change of location?

When thinking about relocating, you should confer with an experienced attorney, Steven Hirsch, to be sure that you have put your ducks in order to offer the most compelling reasons for relocating. Likewise, if presented with a Relocation Motion that your child's other parent wishes to relocate, you will need to work on presenting the most important reasons why your child remain in Rhode Island. Both parents, if they are willing to work together for the best interest of their child, may decide to have Steven Hirsch mediate the issues to allow the parents to achieve a consensus on the best interest of the child and for the parents.

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