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January 2013 Archives

Supporting a College Student - FAFSA

Does child support include college?  Paying for a college education for children after a divorce is confusing at best. Mark Kantrowitz, founder of, answered questions in a recent article in the NY Times, The Choice Blog, January 17, 2013 . Below are several of the questions, answered by Mark Kantrowitz of

Relocation Therapy in Divorce

People going through divorce often consider remaining in the marital home. Two areas of concern one must consider in making the decision are (1) the financial aspect and (2) the emotional aspect.

Child support modifications can benefit families and parents

Providence residents may want to take notice at how serious the issue of child support can be for families. Two New York men showed the country the complexities that can come with prison terms for nonpayment of monthly child support.

Rhode Island looks at legalizing same-sex marriage

Rhode Island may soon join several other states that have already legalized same-sex marriage. Democratic state Representative Arthur Handy has announced that legislation to legalize marriage. Other states, including Minnesota and Illinois are also pushing to change the way family law looks by proposing legislation to legalize gay marriage.

"I Want To Be Heard" - Divorce Mediation

During and after a divorce, people often complain "I never got to say what I wanted to say" or "My spouse never heard me - what I needed and what I was willing to give."  These people did not go through divorce mediation.

"Nip/Tuck" star will pay half his royalties in divorce settlement

Rhode Island residents who are divorcing are probably wondering how their split will affect their finances. Unfortunately, divorce had a negative impact on the financial situation of former "Nip/Tuck" star Dylan Walsh. His split is going to cost him approximately half of all of his assets, including money made from the show "Nip/Tuck." The divorce between Walsh and his actress ex-wife was finalized last week, and according to the divorce documents, Walsh has agreed to pay his ex-wife half of his royalties from the show along with royalties from a couple of his movies.

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