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Easing emotional stress resulting from divorce

Life-changing events can be difficult and emotionally taxing on individuals and families. Many Kent-area residents realize that a divorce can be one of those difficult changes as it has a direct effect on close relationships. However, by following certain guidelines and steps, divorce does not have to be a difficult process for the couple or the children.

A divorce has the potential to impact individuals long after the final decree is signed. Parents can become so wrapped up in their own problems, they sometimes neglect to see the impact their actions and words can have on their children. For instance, one man has spent his life trying not to be a "loser," a term he heard referenced by his mother about his father.

Another example is that of a woman who was brought into conflict of her parents' divorce as a child. The woman was often reminded of her mother's infidelity by her father who was struggling to make sense of the situation and his own pain. At this time, the woman and her father are estranged and it's important to find ways to handle a divorce without adding further insult and injury.

If an individual is going through a divorce, an important first step is to have a plan to help dispel conflict and emotional stress. For example, if children are involved, it is critical to form a custody plan. Custody plans can help ease the burden on children and begin to give them a sense of stability. The stability of the child can also ease the stress on the parent. This can also give the parents a feeling of control back, as it will be them, not the courts determining the outcome of where their children will be living.

Divorce can be a difficult process. It is the ending of one chapter and the start of another. Individuals who are considering or are in the midst of divorce need to have their best interests in mind for themselves and for their children. Experienced family law professionals can assist in navigating the rocky waters with a plan that best fits the individual and the particular circumstances.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Lasting Effects of Talking Bad About Your Ex," Marina Sbrochi, Jan. 29, 2013

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