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Consequences of delinquent child support payments

One man has shown Rhode Island residents the severe consequences that can accompany neglecting the responsibilities of parenthood. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the relationship between a mother and father, paying one's child support should not be neglected.

A New York man has pleaded guilty to failing to pay child support. The man has failed to make payments for his three children. Adding up interest and penalties, he currently owes his three kids $1.2 million. In an effort to avoid paying child support, the father of three fled to Florida and then to Thailand. As part of the plea agreement, the New York native must make full restitution to the mothers of his children. Additionally, he could face up to four years in prison.

Enforcement of child support payments is taken very seriously in the United States and has a solid structure in society. In 1984, there was a child enforcement act that was passed. This act gives the authority to attorneys to collect back child support from parents. Additionally, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act is in place to make it easier on custodial parents when one parent moves out of state.

In addition to having a solid payment structure and guidelines in place, the government also has strict and clear penalties in place for those individuals not making payments. Jail is a last resort in most cases, as the government wants to encourage parents to make payments. This can be a challenge from a jail cell. Other penalties can range from the freezing of banks accounts and liens on property to suspension of a driver's license.

The stakes are high when it comes to issues of child support. Whether a Rhode Island resident is behind on child support payments or seeking enforcement of an order, it is vital to understand one's rights and responsibilities and seek answers and legal guidance.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Robert Sand, Most Wanted Deadbeat Parent, Pleads Guilty To Failing To Pay Child Support" Feb 21, 2013

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