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Social media site proves dangerous for father

Facebook is now a way of life for most individuals, including Rhode Island residents. However, if an individual is attempting to dodge child support payments, it may not be a good idea to post details of one's personal life on the site.

A Milwaukee father is facing felony charges of failing to pay child support to the mother of his three year-old since the baby was born. He was obligated to make monthly payments in the amount of $150. An investigation into the man's Facebook profile showed the father posing with large amounts of money and liquor. Facebook has become a tool of police and prosecutors to seek out information they may not otherwise have access too. The accused father could face up to 11 years in prison, if found guilty.

Child support is taken very seriously in this country, as is evident with the above mentioned case. The child enforcement act of 1984 allows prosecutors multiple avenues to collect the payment from the spouse. Through this act, prosecutors are able to enforce penalties such as garnishing wages, withholding federal tax returns and even suspending one's driver's license for failure to pay child support. Jail time is the last resort in most cases.

Although it is not the case in every situation, a lot of times child support payments can be negotiated through mediation or informal meetings between the two parents. When the payment is something that can be agreed upon by both parties, it makes it more likely that the party owing the child support will indeed pay. The more the parents are willing to work together at the outset and discuss the needs of both sides, the more likelihood of peace going forward.

Rhode Island residents facing child support issues have options available to them. Regardless of whether an individual is in need of child support enforcement or having issues paying the child support, they need to make sure their rights are protected and seek appropriate guidance.

Source: ABC News "Facebook Money Pics Bust Dad for Allegedly Dodging Child Support", Mar 22, 2013

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