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Overcoming family law issues through divorce

Rhode Island residents may know that divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences an individual may go through. One of the reasons divorce can be such a difficult experience are the plethora of family law issues that accompany the divorce. These issues can often linger, even after the final divorce papers are signed. One of these lingering issues is child support.

One father decided to share his divorce story and the emotional hurdles he faced. The man was a successful career man in the banking industry when his divorce was finalized. His large salary created monthly child support payments of $1,000.00 per month. However, his company downsized and he was no long able to make the monthly payments. As far as the mother of his child and ex-wife were concerned, the father was simply an "ATM machine". He also felt that he had no say in the decisions that were being made with regards to his daughter.

The man's story highlights an important issue that is often overlooked when couples are going through a divorce. This is the issue of communication. Often times, once the divorce papers are signed and child support, custody and property arrangements are finalized; parents go their separate ways emotionally. It is critical that during the divorce, the couple forges a new relationship. This new relationship must lay the foundation for life after marriage with a focus on the children involved.

Experienced family law professionals are able to assist individuals in not only finalizing their divorce, but getting there in a way that will last long after the last document is signed. Circumstances can change for either parent or for the child and parents must be able to come to an agreement when change happens. The key for divorcing parents is building a solid foundation and family law professionals can assist parents in laying the first brick.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Child Support: Man Says He Was An 'ATM Machine' After Divorce", June 19, 2013

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