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July 2013 Archives

Where to focus in a divorce in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents may deal with various challenges in their every day routine from getting the kids to school, managing stress at work and handling any number of family issues. However, if an individual faces the challenge of going through a divorce, the stress factor can often times multiply. It is important that residents understand that divorce and the issues that come along with it do not have to be as big of a headache as one may think.

Helping children transition through divorce

Rhode Island residents who are going through a divorce or contemplating going through a divorce are likely being pulled in a million directions. From stressing about multiple family law issues, such as alimony and separation of property, the feelings of the couple's children can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

Navigating gay marriage after Supreme Court holding

Rhode Island residents, like the rest of the country, may have been waiting in anticipation for the Supreme Court's decision regarding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA prohibited same-sex couples from being eligible for federal benefits. Now that DOMA has been overturned, many legal issues may arise for same-sex partners from an economic standpoint.

Former NBA star facing child custody issues

When it comes to issues dealing with our children, it does not matter whether one is wealthy and famous or barely scraping by, the issues are never easy. A former NBA star is learning how difficult child custody issues can be. The ex-wife of Allen Iverson has accused the former basketball super star of kidnapping his own children.

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