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2013 research findings suggest reasons behind divorce

There are many reasons why marriages end in divorce. Rhode Island residents may find some of these reasons surprising. But the simple fact remains that divorce is a reality that many will face in their lifetimes and in doing so, there may be challenges. A sound divorce strategy can help divorcees work through some of these challenges and come to a satisfactory resolution.

According to research findings compiled in 2013, there are a number of less-than-obvious reasons why marriages may end in divorce. One reason is a difference in drinking behavior. If spouses, on average, imbibe different amounts of alcohol, then the chance of a successful marriage decreases. In fact, it was found that fifty percent of couples in which there was one spouse who drank significantly more than the other wound up divorcing.

Rhode Island residents may find this next one pretty surprising, as well. Another study found that a person's high school yearbook photo may help determine the likelihood of divorce in the future. People who had big, wide smiles in their yearbooks were found to have a greater chance of enduring marriages than those who had frail or no smiles at all.

What's more, research findings pointed to the conclusion that couples who have to commute at least 45 minutes each way to work are more likely to divorce, as well. Excessive Facebook use also was shown to lead to a higher rate of marital problems leading to divorce.

As becomes apparent after looking at the research, the reasons behind divorce are many and are not always obvious. There is no way to ensure a successful marriage -- but for those who are already involved in a divorce, there are ways to devise strategies that allow for smooth divorce proceedings and fresh beginnings.

Source: Huffington Post, "Research Findings From 2013 Offer Insight Into Why Couples Split -- And What Happens After," Taryn Hillin, Dec. 30, 2013

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