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February 2014 Archives

Midwest court ruling favors delinquent dad in child support case

Many Rhode Island parents either pay or receive financial support from a former spouse or partner to help with the upbringing of a child. However, sometimes meeting these financial obligations can prove to be a huge burden. There are people in Rhode Island and other parts of the country end up as child-support delinquents and must face consequences that can include jail time. Not all of these people, however, are deliberately shying away from their financial obligations. Sometimes, life's changing circumstances force them to do so.

Move-away custody cases and the best interests of the child

Every child custody case in Rhode Island presents its own unique facets and dimension. Some child custody plans may be arranged out of court, with the help of mediators and attorneys. Other times, child custody cases must be determined by the court. In either case, those planning the child custody arrangement must keep the child's best interests at the forefront of the conversation. The child's needs outweigh the parent's wants, but there are, in many cases, ways to fulfill both.

Valentine's Day is also the peak of divorce season

As many Rhode Island resident know, divorcees often dread the holidays. Valentine's Day is no exception. Because of its association with love and togetherness, Valentine's Day can serve as a bitter reminder of a couple's fading romantic love and irreconcilable differences. However, though the romance in the husband and wife's relationship may be over, it is still possible to hold onto the love the keeps a family together. There are options, including divorce mediation, some divorcing couples may want to consider in order to pursue an arrangement that best suits the family.

TV star Ramona Singer wants both homes in her divorce

Property division can be complex. Couples may have many assets or they may have few. Both cases can present unique challenges that couples must overcome. For example, many may have sentimental attachments to certain assets that may not hold much monetary value, but they still want to fight for these properties vigorously because they have special meaning to them. Or, they may wish to preserve certain assets that hold great monetary value that they believe they are entitled to. In any case, a strong divorce strategy can help divorcees fight for a favorable property division outcome.

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