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Valentine's Day is also the peak of divorce season

As many Rhode Island resident know, divorcees often dread the holidays. Valentine's Day is no exception. Because of its association with love and togetherness, Valentine's Day can serve as a bitter reminder of a couple's fading romantic love and irreconcilable differences. However, though the romance in the husband and wife's relationship may be over, it is still possible to hold onto the love the keeps a family together. There are options, including divorce mediation, some divorcing couples may want to consider in order to pursue an arrangement that best suits the family.

As it so happens, Valentine's Day lands right on the highpoint of divorce season. According to anecdotal evidence, many consider January and February to be the busiest months for divorce attorneys. In fact, a recent poll found that one in 12 people -- and one in eight women -- are considering divorce over the holidays. Then, after the New Year, many of these people likely begin their divorce proceedings.

Many begin this process anticipating legal battles. In many cases, this is not the right mentality. Rather than planning on legal debates, divorcees are oftentimes better off pursuing solutions. Much of the divorce process can be settled out of court -- in fact, 95 percent of divorce cases are settled out of court, according to some experts. With this in mind, it becomes apparent why many choose to pursue mediation.

Divorce meditation involves a forum-focused settlement. Oftentimes, it allows for couples to deal with the legal and financial issues of divorce -- along with the emotional ones -- in a more collaborative, financially sound way. Divorce mediators can help couples navigate this legal landscape and pursue solutions. Whatever needs to be solved -- child custody, property division and other family law issues -- mediation can help couples resolve these issues and move forward in their lives.

Source: Huffington Post, "'Happy Valentine's Day. I Want a Divorce.,'" Michelle Crosby, Feb. 5, 2014

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