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Man arrested for violating protective order in Rhode Island

The failure of a relationship, especially one involving children, can lead to legal injunctions, whether in Rhode Island or elsewhere. Usually, courts try to establish what is best for the children, and issues orders based on legal precedents where available. While there are many established guidelines, the fallout of a ruling can involve further legal proceedings. Thus it is possible that a child custody order can lead to a second judgment involving a protective order.

Rhode Island Parenting Plan Factors

When developing a Rhode Island Parenting Plan, what are factors to contemplate? Courts consider "best interest of the child". But when considering a parenting plan, we consider large blocks of time with each child. What should you be looking at to determine if you and/or your co-parent should enjoy those large blocks of time?

Big money at stake in child support trial of high-octane couple

Whether in Rhode Island or another state, a divorce involving children can be a challenge for parting spouses, with child custody and child support being two major issues of conflict. If the parents cannot reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, sustained battle can affect children in many ways, almost all of them negative. This is true whether or not money is an issue for either parent.

Fathers want equal treatment in Rhode Island custody disputes

In Kent, Rhode Island, and other parts of the state, many fathers wish to be the primary custodian of their children and to play a significant role in raising their children. However, the courts in Rhode Island and other states have traditionally favored mothers as primary custodians. Now, fathers in the state and elsewhere are expressing their wishes to be treated equally in child custody battles, which can be seen in many courts across Rhode Island.

Unmarried (Unwed) Parents Have Child Custody Right

Unmarried couples with child custody issues are growing in numbers. A recent Pew Research Center survey shows that Millenials (ages 18 - 33) "lead all generations in the share of out-of wedlock births". In 2012, 47% of births to women in the Millenial generation were non-marital compared to 21 % among older women. Many parents do not remain together after the birth of a child, whether the split occurs months or years later.

Mother to return to court after custody abduction

Most residents of Rhode Island understand that courts generally make child custody determinations in the aftermath of a divorce. In all child custody decisions, court orders are binding and any violation of an order is treated as an offense.

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