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April 2014 Archives

Connecticut lawyer describes child custody battles in film

It is an often-repeated argument that children should never bear the brunt of familial squabbles. Whenever a falling-out between parents ends up in court, the first concern must be the children and about the care they might receive in the event of a divorce. Such child custody battles involve a number of factors besides the parents, which often include lawyers, social services providers, and child care workers. Despite such a diverse presence of people, there may still be no one to consider the best interests of the child.

Rhode Island residents should think about children during divorce

When a marriage seems to be beyond repair and the couple chooses to part, they have to deal with many issues, of which the divorce itself may not be the most significant. As Rhode Island residents may be aware, divorce can be granted on a number of grounds, including willful neglect and irreconcilable differences. As in other states, there is also the consideration of what happens to the couple's children. 

Man arrested for not paying $57,000 in child support

Rhode Island residents know that family court law requires that parents continue to financially support their children even when they choose to go their separate ways. This requirement is necessary even when children are placed in the custody of a person other than a parent. Parents who fail to meet the court-enforced financial obligations are rendered criminals in the eyes of the law.

Divorce causes much pain, some gain for most Americans

Rhode Island spouses who are involved in divorce proceedings usually want them to be as brief as possible. A lengthy divorce means more emotional stress for the parting couple, often leading to one or both parties avoiding the conflicts and agreeing to terms that will be some kind of detriment to post-divorce life. However, experts warn that the only successful path out of a divorce involves being prepared for a long legal tussle.

Do You Have to Split Pre-Marital Asserts?

In a Rhode Island Divorce, marital assets are equitably divided. So are marital debts. Marital assets are those acquired during the marriage and it does not matter if the asset is in joint names or only the name of one of the parties.

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