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May 2014 Archives

Divorce may affect social security benefits

Many estranged spouses in Rhode Island would agree that divorce can often lead to an increased financial burden, siimply because there is a separation of assets in most cases. An additional burden is almost always placed on the shoulders of a newly divorced couple, especially in cases in which one of the spouses was financially dependent on the other. However, few divorced couples, especially senior citizens, realize the effect that divorce can have on their social security benefits.

Divorce and planning for one's financial success

Individuals going through a divorce often experience a myriad of emotions that can cloud one's ability to think clearly and logically. Within the span of hours or even minutes, an individual going through a divorce may feel angry, sad, resentful, vengeful, anxious, excited and wistful. In the midst of trying to deal with these types of strong emotions, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture, namely one's financial health post divorce.

Unpaid child support distresses many Rhode Island parents

Divorce rates are significantly high in Rhode Island and the rest of America with the children of divorcing parents often bearing the brunt of it. Divorce cases can be long-drawn and bitter. Not only do children have to deal with a broken home, but a delinquent parent sometimes also often cuts into child support, causing distress and severely compromising the child's future.

Is collaborative divorce an alternative to divorce mediation?

In Rhode Island, a number of divorces are fought over and finalized every year. And while some of these separations are amicable, others involve lengthy court-room battles. But, no matter what method of divorce is used, the emotional stress on the spouses may often become too much to bear.

Divorce lawyer: Peacemaker or Fighter

What qualities should your divorce lawyer have? Face it, you have a legal issue that needs to be resolved by a trained professional, either a divorce lawyer or divorce mediator. Do you want to find a resolution and move forward to the next part of your life or do you want revenge and to just fight with your spouse, regardless of the emotional and financial cost?

Basketball's Eric Williams skips child support hearing

Rhode Island parents have financial responsibility for their children. This duty sometimes needs to be enforced by law. When married parents cannot remain together for whatever reason, divorce proceedings establish a course of action that is best for the children, even if it means issuing a child support order before a divorce is final. Disobeying an order forces the court to act against the errant parent. To address arrears, the court has the power to seize tax refunds and withhold wages, if necessary.

Family law: should Rhode Island revisit its adultery law?

Rhode Island statutes recognize that adultery can be reasonable grounds for divorce. Less known, perhaps, is the fact that, in Rhode Island, adultery is also treated as a criminal offense, the same as arson, assault and breaking and entering. As the law stands, any East Greenwich, Rhode Island, resident proven guilty of adultery, which is defined as sexual intercourse with a partner other than one's spouse, can be fined $500. Similar laws also exist in other states and one neighboring New England state is moving toward changing that law.

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