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Divorce lawyer: Peacemaker or Fighter

What qualities should your divorce lawyer have? Face it, you have a legal issue that needs to be resolved by a trained professional, either a divorce lawyer or divorce mediator. Do you want to find a resolution and move forward to the next part of your life or do you want revenge and to just fight with your spouse, regardless of the emotional and financial cost?

It is almost universal that two or more people can witness the same incident and remember it differently. Ask three independent witnesses to an automobile accident a week later what happened and they will tell you three different stories.

A husband continuously hears his wife's critique of his parenting style as her attempts to discredit him while the wife believes she was trying to help him and did not do it with a mean spirited motivation.

A husband continues to request his wife to sit down with him to review finances and the wife thinks he wants to criticize her spending habits, while the husband wants his wife to understand finances in case something happens to him.

After enough of these misperceptions and/or growing apart, a divorce begins. Which lawyer will work best for you?

Does the lawyer focus on finding the right resolution for your circumstances? Does she acknowledge that each party may have a different perception to the events of the past and vocalize that it is difficult to really discover who is at fault? Does he suggest that revenge through the courts is not satisfying or financially rewarding in most instances?

Does the lawyer focus on penalizing the other spouse or teaching the other spouse a lesson? Does she focus on court proceedings and how to get the most from the other?

These two lawyers have different approaches to dispute resolution. The perspective of the lawyer you choose will determine the road you travel and the costs.

Lastly, mediators work with both parties together to help them understand their different perspectives in the event s that may have occurred in the past and understand with more clarity how to move forward.

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