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June 2014 Archives

Is Bitcoin cheating the divorce property division system?

Oftentimes, divorce breaks down not only a marriage, but the existing family as well. While this can be emotionally devastating for all parties involved, divorcing individuals also handle separation of assets. The financial burden related to property division can be crippling, but managing finances during a divorce is critical.

Domestic Abuse: you do not need physical harm says RI Supreme Court

Domestic Abuse can occur in the homes of good people when emotions run high. Some people believe that the Rhode Island Family Court will not issue a RIl Restraining Order unless a person has been struck or been subject to the threat of immediate physically harm. On June 16, 2014, the RI Supreme Court clarified that physical harm or an immediate threat of physical harm is not the only requirement to obtain protection from the court.

The importance of financial management during divorce

While residents of Rhode Island know divorce is especially difficult emotionally because of the breakdown of a marriage, it can be equally difficult to deal with financially if a divorcee's financial burden is greatly increased. Paying heavy alimony or child support may lead to great financial turmoil. However, various pragmatic ways to lessen the burden on finances can be employed for positive results.

Reality star settles child custody dispute with former spouse

Rhode Island residents would probably agree that while divorces are difficult to deal with, they can be especially hard on the children. Many times the best interests of the child are compromised amidst an acrimonious divorce proceeding between the estranged spouses.

Rhode Island Divorce: Avoiding Family Court

Clients call about a Rhode Island Divorce, asking if a mediator can help them completely avoid Family Court as they go through a divorce. Although the answer is "No" as the Court is needed to grant the divorce, there are ways to reduce the court's role in resolving the disputes between you and your spouse. This is also true for unmarried people with issues concerning their children and support.

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