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September 2014 Archives

Back-to-school tips for Rhode Island co-parents

Following a divorce, children's lives can be turned upside down. Rhode Island residents may try to do everything they can to keep their kids' lives the same, but there will be significant changes, even in the best of situations. With a new school year starting, many parents may be unsure how to make the most of their child custody situation to keep their kids happy.

Role of a guardian ad litem in child custody disputes

Rhode Island divorce cases can get messy. In particular, child custody disputes can get contentious as soon-to-be ex-spouses fight over who should have custody over the children. People will often fight for the right to see their children and be an active part in their upbringing. In prolonged custody battles, each spouse is generally represented by an attorney. That attorney can fight for that parent's needs and desires.

What are the legal grounds for divorce in Rhode Island?

The decision to divorce in Rhode Island is not one to be taken lightly. Whether it's a long-term marriage that has slowly deteriorated, a short one that was a mistake or something in between, there are certain legal issues that must be navigated when choosing to end a marriage. Prior to the divorce proceedings moving forward, it's required that there be legal justification for it. Once the reason for the divorce is detailed, then the couple can begin taking steps to dissolve the union.

When can I request a child support modification?

When the parents of a child are not married, the child is still entitled to the financial support of both of the child's parents. This generally means that the parent without primary custody over the child will pay the other parent a certain amount of money each month for the care of the child. This child support helps to cover the everyday expenses, medical care, educational expenses, child care costs and other costs related to the child.

Spouse/Significant Others & Nude Pictures

Nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence spread like wildfire on the internet over the Labor Day weekend. This unexpected exposure occurs to people who are not famous and in the public's eye. People who are Separating in Rhode Island or Divorcing in Rhode Island may suffer the same indignation.  

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