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Your Rhode Island Divorce is driven by the information highway

Lately, SEO experts are declaring that "content is king". If you want to be seen online, it is important that your website have content.

Those experts are catching up with Rhode Island divorce lawyers and divorce mediators. We hunger for and thrive on content. When I meet you, I want to obtain information from you. There is so much information that is necessary. Whether I am your divorce lawyer or mediator, you need to have "content" or knowledge of all aspects of your lives together.

The manner in which the information is used and when it is provided may differ whether you are mediating or using a divorce attorney.

If I am your divorce lawyer, I hope to receive a written narrative:

· describing how you met, your early years together, the issues that have caused you to seek to end your relationship;

· background on your children, including your participation in their early lives (feeding bathing, putting to bed, reading with them, etc.); what your children do today, how are they adjusting, how are they doing in school, what activities do they participate in, and what each parent currently does for and with the children;

· describing your financial position; who was the saver or the spender?; what are the current assets and debts and income of each person?; what is the value of your home and what is the outstanding balance on your mortgage(s)?;

· what are each parents good and bad points.

I will also want to receive copies of your last several income tax returns, at least 6 months of bank statements and credit card statements (which may be downloaded by you and printed).

As a divorce lawyer, these financial documents will be explored and discussed during our sessions in trying to find an equitable distribution. You can bring up any topic in the mediation, including the above bulleted items.

As a lawyer, I will examine these items to analyze where income came from and where money was spent.

In either case, information is essential in finding a solution. Content is king!

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