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How to Prepare for a RI Divorce.

When Planning for Divorce, each person needs to get ready for 4 different areas. Each preparation is distinct and one area may rely upon the preparedness in other areas.

Emotions. Separating can be an emotional time. For the person who does not want to be divorced, it may include overwhelming sadness. For many preparing for divorce, fear of the unknown future can become debilitating. For others, the extreme happiness of expected freedom and a new life can make them giddy with delight. These are all appropriate. However, these emotions need to be controlled and managed so that they do not interfere with rational planning for the future. Often, a few visits with a counselor can help relieve the stress and work to resolve fears.

Social. In many break-ups, friends and relatives take sides. Friends and support systems are broken. These losses have nothing to do with the person going through a divorce, but the friend's short-sightedness that he/she cannot remain neutral friends with both parties without taking side. Some people find that the loss of friends on social media is frustrating and upsetting. Time to move on

Financial. People often do not maintain a good impression of their finances. Few people balance checkbooks, an act which brings clarity on how and where money is going. Few have a healthy plan of how they are going to pay down their credit card debt; in fact, they make minimal payments on their debt and continue to purchase items they want instead of items they need. It is imperative that you gather all the documents that you can concerning each parties' recent paystubs, past 3 years of income tax returns, statements from all bank investment, and retirement accounts, mortgage, student loan and car loan statements and credit card statements for the last 6 - 12 months.

Legal. Interview and hire an experienced lawyer or mediator that you feel comfortable with and who can protect your legal rights. Your lawyer should understand your needs, wants and fears and have the experience to guide you through negotiations and trial.

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