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How to establish paternity in Rhode Island

In a previous blog post, this blog discussed the relationship between paternity and child support. In that post, it was explained that in order to obtain child support in Rhode Island, paternity had to be established for the child. This means that a man had to be legally recognized as the father of the child. When a couple is married, the husband is the presumptive father and paternity may not be an issue. However, for unmarried couples the issues can be more difficult.

Do you have to establish paternity to get child support?

The cost of raising a child is not going down. In fact, it is getting more and more expensive to raise a child to adulthood in the United States. The cost of healthcare, education and child care all factor into these rising expenses. Therefore, it is important that Rhode Island children get the financial support they need from both their parents. It often takes both parents to ensure that the child's needs are met. When parents are married, both parents automatically have this responsibly.

The goals of mediating a divorce

There was a time when divorce in Rhode Island was always adversarial. In order to divorce, couples had to hash out their differences in court. Everything that was said was a matter of public record and the couple was actively working against one another to get the most out of the situation. This type of divorce scenario -- while still possible today -- often breads hate and resentment between the spouses.

Turn to us with your Rhode Island family law concerns

There is no one-size-fits-all family in Rhode Island. Everyone's family is a little bit different from the next. Therefore, each family has slightly different issues and concerns. In most situations, there are varying personalities, concerns, issues and histories that have to be accounted for. Families often disagree as much as they love each other. With so many moving-parts, family dynamics can be complicated and difficult for those unfamiliar with the family to understand.

The holidays can be tricky when parents are divorced

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people. There are financial burdens, people have to deal with their families and many people have to travel. The stress of a new divorce or child custody dispute may only make things worse. And, when parents are stressed, their children often pick up on these feelings and in turn are stressed as well.

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