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January 2015 Archives

Understanding the demands of the divorce process

When couples in Rhode Island determine that filing for divorce is their best option, they are not often prepared to deal with all the demands of the divorce process. The end of a marriage requires spouses to evaluate their life prior to marriage and during their union, while also speculating the needs of their post-divorce lives. Our law firm understands that this is not an easy life event to go through. The difficulties and emotional toll the process creates could lead to disputes and various legal divorce issues.

Addressing post-divorce issues and tax implications

The decision to get a divorce is not an easy one to make for Rhode Island couples. Often times, this process if difficult to initiate, work through and finalize. The issues and disputes often presented in dissolution can also lead to post-divorce issues. One common factor to consider in a divorce and in a former spouses post-divorce life is tax implications immediately following their split and the years following it.

Using family mediation as a tool to address family law issues

When parents in Rhode Island seek to separate or divorce, they often have numerous decisions to make regarding their child or children. This often leads to more complicated family law issues such as child support or custody arrangements. Depending on the circumstances and the situation at hand, parents seek different methods to address and solve these issues. In some matters, parents might turn to family mediation. Those considering this option to solve their family law issues should understand the process in order to determine whether it is the appropriate process for them.

How is child support enforced in the state of Rhode Island?

When parents in Rhode Island split, separate or divorce, they are often concerned with the emotional, mental and physical well-being of their child or children. While the dissolution of the parents' relationship could present various family law issues, it is important that custodial and non-custodial parents understand their rights regarding child support and how these payments benefit their children and fulfill their financial needs.

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