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Divorce: We say "Do Your Job"

Working as a Rhode Island Divorce Mediator and Divorce Attorney, I like the Patriots recent rallying cry "DO YOUR JOB." Doing your job leads to success.

I know what my job entails. Whether I represent you or I act as a neutral mediator, I am an attentive listener and encourage you to talk so I can understand your perspective, your issues and learn of your fears and needs. In our first meeting, I may speak a lot less than you. Yes, I am a knowledgeable adviser, but I need to hear your concerns before giving guidance.

I am an organizer. After listening to you, I organize your thoughts into categories. We discuss these items and rank them, from most important to least vital. I may request more detailed information, asking you to prepare a written narrative. I believe that when you sit at a computer and write a narrative, you recall more incidents, issues and concerns.

If I am your lawyer, I job is give you information regarding the various legal position I can advocate. We do discovery to learn of the other person's assets/debts, claims, arguments and positions. We then plan a strategy and negotiate to reach a settlement; if that is not possible, we advocate in the courtroom on your behalf. In performing that, my job is to be honest in dispensing my advice. You need truthful guidance instead of a lawyer giving you a false sense of entitlement that can increase the lawyer's fees and lead you down a path that leads to unfulfilled expectations.

As a divorce mediator, I assist the spouses to communicate, organize and plan.

You may ask "Steve, what is my job"? You must provide timely and accurate information about marital activities, each person's contributions to bringing up the children and acquiring assets/debts. You need to provide an accurate financial picture (as much as possible) so we know what your needs are and can develop a financial plan for your future.

If we both DO OUR JOBS, we will get to the Championship Round.

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