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Hiding assets during divorce can have serious consequences

When couples get divorced in Rhode Island they will generally try to agree on issues of child support, spousal support and the division of marital property. In preparation for these negotiations each side will typically seek information through the discovery process about the couple's income, assets and debts. If they are unable to agree, the court will issue the necessary orders after hearing evidence about the family's finances.

Utilizing an application to resolve child support disputes

Nowadays, families in Rhode Island have hectic schedules making it difficult to always know where a spouse is or where a child needs to be. Moreover, when a divorce occurs, it is extremely difficult to keep numerous schedules in line and keep track of all the necessary expenses and financial needs of the children. Being able to keep these details sorted and up-to-date could help ensure child support needs are not only accurate but are also met.

Avoiding or limiting tax implications during divorce

The divorce process is often described as one that is difficult and complex. Part of that is because of the many considerations people need to think about during the decision-making process. Rhode Island couples going through a divorce or are considering a split understand that there could be tax liabilities based on the decision reached in the final decree. Just as divorcing couples seek to limit their post-divorce issues, it is also important to address any tax concerns during dissolution in order to prevent or minimize tax liabilities.

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