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3 Signs a Divorce Client will be satisfied

I can anticipate when a divorce client will never be satisfied; I also have an idea which clients will be satisfied with their divorce. To determine when someone will be satisfied, let's look at the unsatisfied client:

1. Clients need to be open minded with reasonable expectations. Statements like "My friend received 70% of the assets" or "My cousin Mary got alimony for 10 years" are clues that a client will not be satisfied.  Many people exaggerate what they received in a divorce, yet the person who hears this while feeling hurt and mad will believe it as gospel truth. Even if those statements were true, no two cases have the exact same fact pattern, assets, debts and income. The cousin may live in another state with different laws. In RI, child support ends at 18 (or the end of high school) while, in Massachusetts, it can extend to the age of 21.

2. When clients are overflowing with anger, hurt, anxiety or depression, they may not be able to focus on the reasonableness of a proposed settlement. They want is to focus on the anger and the hurt. They want retribution... a pound of flesh. The RI Family Court, and I as a divorce mediator/lawyer, are more interested in creating a financial solution that works for you (and may consider bad conduct to a minor degree) and less interested in making the party or parties with anger or hurt just feel better. A client who focuses on making his/her future work (having reasonable plans for a home, employment, retirement and relationships with children) will usually be satisfied while the person focusing only on the past will never be satisfied.

3. A party who communicates openly will be a satisfied client. When a client shares his/her fears, needs, concerns, wants and hopes for the future, we can address those issues. When a client does not share those with his/her mediator or divorce lawyer, we cannot address those issues and the client will never be satisfied.

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