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Subjects to discuss in child custody family mediation

In Rhode Island, many parents may turn to family mediation to resolve child custody issues. In these situations, it is important for parents to have a good idea about the topics that may be discussed so they can come to an informed decision that protects not only their rights, but also serves the best interests of the child.

First of all, parents in Rhode Island will need to come to an agreement through mediation as to the child's schedule. This goes beyond simply determining which days the child will reside with each parent. It also includes coming to an agreement as to how the child will be transported between each parent's house, and where the transfer will take place if parents want the transfer to take place other than their respective homes. In addition, it is important for family mediation to address the child's ability to contact each parent while they are in the care of either one parent or the other.

There are times when a parent in Rhode Island may need to cancel their scheduled custody or visitation times. Therefore, it is important during the mediation process to discuss how such cancellations will be handled. By having a plan in place ahead of time, it could prevent conflict down the road.

In addition, through child custody mediation, parents in Rhode Island should discuss how to handle special occasions such as vacations and holidays. Parents may divide holidays and vacation schedules and alternate these schedules accordingly. Parents could also use mediation to discuss how to handle situations in which one of them wants to take the child out of Rhode Island for more than one night such as to, for example, to go on a family vacation.

One of the goals of mediation when it comes to child custody in Rhode Island is to come to an agreeable solution that meets the needs of all involved, including the child's need to have a meaningful relationship with each parent. This is true whether the child's parents are getting a divorce or whether they were never married in the first place. By working with a mediator, parents may be able to reach a child custody agreement that best serves the child's needs and is satisfactory to all. In addition, family mediation could set the framework for better communication down the road.

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