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April 2015 Archives

Child support modification in Rhode Island requires legal action

Last week, we discussed the factors that a Rhode Island court will take into account when issuing an order for child support. However, life is rarely predictable. Big changes in a parent's life, from the birth of a new child to a major illness to a job loss could all have a big effect on a person's income. In addition, health care expenses and child care expenses can sometimes shoot through the roof, leaving a parent with less disposable income. Parents in these situations may wonder whether their child support order can be modified.

What factors are considered when determining child support?

Most parents in Rhode Island would agree that raising a child these days can cost a significant amount of money. Raising a child means a lot more than buying new shoes when he or she outgrows the old ones, taking the child to the doctor when he or she is sick or providing the child with food and shelter. It means meeting the financial obligations of every aspect of that child's life.

Rhode Island residents: change beneficiaries after divorce

When it comes to annuities, a retirement account or a life insurance plan, most people in Rhode Island name a beneficiary and then promptly forget about it. It only makes sense, when married, to select one's spouse as the beneficiary to these important accounts. But what happens to these beneficiary designations if the couple divorces? When this happens, it is important not to let the issue sit on the back burner, but to address it as soon as possible.

What information should you bring to a divorce mediation session?

Mediation can be a good way for couples in Rhode Island to resolve any divorce-related issues in a setting that emphasizes cooperation and fairness. For example, one of the goals of divorce mediation is to divide the couple's property. It is important for couples to come prepared to mediation with the financial information that they will need to accomplish this goal.

Determining spousal support in a Rhode Island divorce

When a couple in Rhode Island decides to divorce, one spouse may be at a distinct financial disadvantage compared to the other spouse. This is especially true if one spouse gave up a career to take care of the family, or if a spouse supported the other spouse financially while that spouse went to school and worked up the career ladder. When such financial disparities exist, it is possible that the court may award the financially disadvantaged spouse spousal support.

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