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What topics fall under the realm of family law in Rhode Island?

Getting divorced in Rhode Island is a big decision to make. Understandably, spouses in Rhode Island may have a lot of questions following such a decision. They may wonder how property will be divided, who will get custody of the children, will health insurance continue and whether they will be paying child support or spousal support. It is an emotional process.

Automatic orders in Rhode Island divorce proceedings

When a spouse in Rhode Island files for divorce and serves the petition and summons upon the other spouse, certain orders automatically go into effect. Per Rhode Island law, some automatic orders deal with the couple's property and others relate to any children that the couple has.

Divorce? 30 - 45 with kids and unhappily married.

You may feel that you are not in a good place and believe that a Rhode Island Divorce is in your future. You and your spouse may be arguing and the love that brought you together may have left the relationship. Emotions run high and unhappiness creeps into the rest of your life.

What are three types of mediation Rhode Island couples may use?

When it comes to divorce, many Rhode Island couples may choose to mediate their dissolution. The following are three types of divorce mediation that have been used over the past 50 years.

Your RI Divorce Mediator Cannot Go To Court With You.

I recently met a couple who arrived for divorce mediation services, because one party's co-worker advised that mediation was cheaper than hiring a lawyer. As usual, I began our meeting with an explanation of the mediation process (they had been invited to visit my blog).

R.I. Divorce and the need for Financial Documents

Rhode Island divorces have many similarities. They all concern the following major issues: children, assets/debts, support, health and life insurance.

New study reveals joint custody may be beneficial to kids

Most parents in Rhode Island who are going through a divorce want to do what is best for their children. Traditionally, getting a divorce meant one parent would have sole physical custody and the other parent would have visitation. However, a new study has revealed that joint physical custody arrangements may have some benefits.

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