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June 2015 Archives

What are financial steps to take after Rhode Island divorce?

It's often said that a breakup is all about emotions, but a divorce is mostly about money. That may be especially true in the time after all the paperwork has been finalized. With the emotional turmoil and legal disputes mostly in the rear-view mirror, many people who have gone through a divorce in Rhode Island find their financial picture has changed more than they may have realized it would. However, there are some steps Rhode Islanders can take to protect their financial futures after divorce.

Keeping a child in the family home after a Rhode Island divorce

Sometimes, during a divorce, it is best for parents in Rhode Island to avoid making drastic changes to their lifestyle, for the sake of their children who may already be facing insecurities about their future. In some situations, a custodial parent may petition the court for a "deferred sale of home order," in order to preserve his or her current living arrangements.

Social Security benefits and divorce in Rhode Island

Residents of Rhode Island may have noticed an increase in baby boomer divorces. In fact, "gray divorces" are becoming more common across the country. When couples in their 50s, 60s and beyond divorce, they face unique issues that may not be of concern to younger divorcees, particularly when it comes to their finances. One issue that may weigh heavily on their minds is Social Security benefits. What happens to a person's eligibility for Social Security benefits if he or she gets a divorce?

Divorce Lawyer in Rhode Island vs. Salesmanship

This week, I was surprised by an opposing lawyer. I was in a Rhode Island Divorce Court for a conference with the Judge and the Wife's attorney. The wife's attorney had filed a Motion for support for an adult child of the marriage. He said that his client had told him that the adult daughter lived with her, was not currently working, that she had a brain tumor when she was a young child and the wife wanted support for this child from my client, the husband. I had to inform him that the child was over the age of 18, and had graduated college, worked a couple of part-time jobs and was currently actively seeking employment. He had failed to get that information from his client.

Does child support in Rhode Island include medical coverage?

Why pay child support? For one thing, each parent in Rhode Island is responsible for meeting his or her child's financial needs. While one may think that one's child support obligations are merely meant to cover the everyday expenses associated with raising a child, including food, housing and clothes on the child's back, the state of Rhode Island and the federal government have recognized another essential necessity: medical care. That is why the Rhode Island Child Support Services office is legally required to ensure that each child in a child support case has some sort of medical insurance coverage or, in the absence of insurance, a cash medical order.

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