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Rhode Island mediation can settle post-divorce modifications

As Rhode Islanders who have gone through a divorce know, life is ever changing. It does not stay the same. Marriages end, and new life paths begin. This is true, even after the final divorce decree is signed. A child custody order may need to be modified to suit the changing needs a growing child. A child support order may need to be changed, if the paying spouse loses his or her job. A spousal support order may end once the receiving spouse has become self-supporting.

When these post-divorce changes occur, divorcees in Rhode Island have choices. They could choose to go through the traditional litigation process to have a judge make the final decision regarding modifications to an existing divorce decree. Conversely, they could choose an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation.

Those in Rhode Island who have gone through a contentious divorce may know that dramatic courtroom showdowns can be stressful for everyone involved, especially children. If possible, parents may want to put their animosity aside and cooperate after a divorce, for the sake of their children. Even after a divorce, children rely on the love and support of both parents. Although every family's situation is different, some divorcees may find that when it comes to post-divorce modifications, mediation may be one option to consider.

Our Rhode Island law firm understands that post-divorce mediation can be a constructive way of finding common ground. We utilize a mediation technique known as "Preventive Mediation," to help divorcees communicate with each other when settling their differences. For some people, family mediation is a way for each divorcee to work through their conflicts in a credible fashion. Our post-divorce modification webpage is one resource divorcees in Rhode Island may turn to if they are wondering whether mediation is right for them.

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