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September 2015 Archives

Amicable divorce is possible in Rhode Island, study reports

Divorce and happiness may seem like incompatible terms to some of our readers. While it's true that most people going through a divorce will experience negative emotions at some point in the process, some Rhode Island couples are able to work through their issues in a relatively satisfactory manner.

The right approach to a child support modification

A non-custodial parent in Rhode Island who is unable to afford child support payments may be tempted to simply not pay them. However, this can be a costly decision to make that is certainly not in the best interests of the child. As a previous post mentioned, failing to pay child support could result in a license suspension. There are other penalties as well that the non-custodial parent may experience when falling behind in child support payments.

Can failing to pay child support result in license suspension?

There are many circumstances in which a person could have a driver's license revoked. Rhode Island residents may know that reckless or drunk driving could result in the revocation of a driver's license. However, they may not know that the failure to pay child support could also result in license revocation.

Co-parenting during the new school year in Rhode Island

Summer has come and gone, and school is back in session across Rhode Island. While shopping for new shoes and backpacks and tackling homework may be at the forefront of some parents' minds, divorced parents have a whole other set of concerns: that of their child custody or "parenting plan" schedule. Whether parents divorced over the summer or they have been divorced for years, autumn is a good time for parents to review their parenting plans to ensure they set their child up for success.

Seeking a child support review and adjustment in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents often find that their financial circumstances are in a constant state of flux. This change can be negative, such as a job loss, or it can be positive, such as a pay raise. In addition, a person's financial obligations are also subject to change. This is especially true when raising a child. Therefore, when it comes to paying child support, parents can petition the court for a child support modification if the parent requesting the modification has a significant change in financial circumstances.

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