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Seeking a child support review and adjustment in Rhode Island

Rhode Island residents often find that their financial circumstances are in a constant state of flux. This change can be negative, such as a job loss, or it can be positive, such as a pay raise. In addition, a person's financial obligations are also subject to change. This is especially true when raising a child. Therefore, when it comes to paying child support, parents can petition the court for a child support modification if the parent requesting the modification has a significant change in financial circumstances.

However, it is also possible for either the paying parent, the receiving parent or the state of Rhode Island to request a child support review and adjustment. Such a review can only take place if at least three years have passed since the support agreement was created or the order was last modified.

Per Rhode Island law, the parent who is seeking a child support review and adjustment is not required to show a significant change of circumstances. Instead, the court will utilize the general guidelines for child support in making its decision with regards to the new order. It is possible for the amount of child support to either increase or decrease after the court applies the appropriate guidelines; no matter what the wishes of the parent requesting the review and adjustment may be.

Rhode Island parents raising a child understand that there are significant expenses associated with the child's care and well-being. The state recognizes this as well, and has systems in place to ensure that a child's needs are being taken care of. To this end, child support payments need to reflect both the child's needs and each parent's financial circumstances. After the appropriate amount of time, either the paying parent, the receiving parent or the state of Rhode Island can request a child support review and adjustment. This helps ensure the child's financial needs are being met.

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