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October 2015 Archives

Don't forget these tips when going through divorce: Part II

There is so much at stake in a Rhode Island divorce. From property division, to establishing child support and spousal support, to setting up custody plans, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Last week we discussed some tips for Rhode Island residents considering divorce, such as checking your credit report, collecting financial documents, changing Internet passwords and setting up a P.O. box. Today we are going to explore this topic further. What other steps should residents of Rhode Island take if they believe divorce is on the horizon or they are already embroiled in one?

Don't forget these tips when going through divorce: Part I

Getting divorced can be a whirlwind of emotions, and it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the situation as a whole. Yet that is exactly what must be done to ensure that no crucial step is overlooked. Hiring a family law attorney in Rhode Island can be a good first step to take, since an attorney can provide the objectivity and know-how to handle a divorce case appropriately. In addition to hiring an attorney, the following two posts will go over some important steps to take to protect your interests in a divorce.

Divorce and the family business in Rhode Island

Many Rhode Island couples pour their heart and soul into the family business. Building up a business from scratch is not always easy, but it is often a rewarding venture. And, many businesses are operated by husband and wife teams. That being said, it is a simple fact that some marriages in Rhode Island will end in divorce. When divorcing spouses own a business together, what happens to the business after their marriage has come to an end?

Medical Marijuana and Parenting Plans

Rhode Island allows its citizens may to have medical marijuana cards, authorizing them to grow and use marijuana legally. The statute provides that no school, employer or landlord may refuse to enroll, employ or lease to a person with a medical marijuana card. However, what happens in Family Court when a parent has a medical marijuana card and wants custody and time with his/her children according to a parenting plan?

How can spouses stay safe during divorce mediation?

As a previous post here mentioned, there are many benefits to family mediation that may make it an attractive choice for Rhode Island couples seeking to resolve family law issues. Among the advantages is the ability for a couple to determine their own outcome through an agreement. In some cases, mediation is less time-consuming and more affordable than litigation. Divorce mediation proceedings are private, and they may lay the groundwork for cooperative communication in the future. In the end, some couples find that the number of conflicts they encounter are reduced through mediation.

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