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November 2015 Archives

Prenups for soon-to-be wed Rhode Island couples

Rhode Island couples planning a wedding may be more consumed with the details of their big day, rather than the financial aspects of their marriage and the possibility of divorce. However, soon-to-be-wed couples -- especially those who are bringing a significant amount of assets into the marriage -- may want to sit down and discuss whether entering into a prenuptial agreement is right for them.

Parenting - What kids want for Christmas

When discussing parenting plans with divorcing parties, I often wonder what is the motivation behind their wants and the posturing that goes on.  Some parties want the kids the majority of the time to satisfy their ego that he/she is the better parent.  Some want to restrict the other's time with the children as punishment.  Some want equal time to reduce child support.  And yes, some want equal time with the children for both parents as they perceive that the children are entitled to have both parents as very interested parties in their lives.  They go into the negotiations considering what is best for their children.

Fault and irreconcilable differences in a Rhode Island divorce

There are so many factors in life that could lead to a Rhode Island couple's decision to divorce. Sometimes the decision to divorce is fairly agreeable, with each party believing that it is in their best interests to part ways. This may especially be the case if each party feels like the other did not engage in any particular wrongdoing, but that for many personal reasons they simply can no longer remain together as a married couple.

What can one do when a child custody order is not being followed?

Honoring a child custody order in Rhode Island may seem simple enough on paper, but may not be so simple in real life. After all, parents are often in conflict both before the divorce and after, and this conflict can manifest itself in negative ways that ultimately impact the well-being of the child, particularly when it comes to child custody.

Learn about asset division and debt division in Rhode Island

Divorce can not only affect a person emotionally -- whether it involves feelings of sadness, relief or even hope for the future -- but it can also affect a person financially. When it comes to finances and divorce in Rhode Island, the asset distribution process and debt assignment process can have a major effect on individuals who may already be facing financial challenges.

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